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Welcome to the cluster chemistry group!


Some of the participiants of the 3MET PhD Meeting

27.09.2017: 3MET PhD meeting in Heidelberg

Six members of our group (A. Steiner, M. Klein, B. Kwasigroch, S. Dillinger, M. Lembach, S. Kruppa) attended the 3MET PhD meeting in Heidelberg at the Studio Villa Bosch conference center. They enjoyed a fruitfull meeting and the scenic view over Heidelberg.

At this occasion Annika Steiner was elected as a spokeswoman of the PhD students in 3MET.

24.-29.09.2017: Cluster Meeting

Gereon and Marc hosted this year’s “Cluster Meeting” at Stahleck castle in the upper middle Rhine Valley (Bacharach in Rhineland-Palatinate). The conference was supported by “3MET.de” and provided a full week (24-29 September 2017) of compelling talks and discussions on cluster related topics. Johannes, Joachim and Jonathan joined the cluster group, which summed up to a total of ~80 people and contributed with poster presentations.