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September 2021

Martin Wedele successfully defends his Bachelor thesis. Congratulations!

Adela Ceman starts her Bachelor thesis on characterizing the ion beam and its time-of-flight in our crossed beam imaging set-up. Welcome and good luck!

August 2021

Marvin Theisen joins our team to work on creating and characterizing reactive intermediates at a 3D Paul-trap instrument. Welcome and good luck!

July 2021

Martin Wedele joins us for his Bachelor thesis on molecular beam characterization. Good luck!

March 2021

It's moving time. The experiment finally arrives in its new home in the chemistry building: 52-516!

Max Huber joins the team. His research will focus on reactions of the iron cation with small molecules with a special look on electronic state effects.

Feb. 2021

Marcel joins as PhD student. He will be working on bond activation of small molecules by tantalum. Welcome!

Open Positions

Graduate Students and PostDocs

We are always looking for highly motivated researchers to join our team. If you are interested please directly contact Jun.-Prof. Jennifer Meyer by Email.

Undergraduate Students

Students who have a passion for physical chemistry (or molecular physics) and are interested to understand chemical reaction at a fundamental level and in the operation of advanced gas phase experimental setups should contact us. We have opportunities for F-Praktika, Bachelor or Master thesis projects with the possibility to participate in state-of-the-art experiments on reactive scattering in combination with velocity map imaging.


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