Research Group Gerhards


Head of group

Prof. Dr. Markus Gerhards

Room: 52-528

Tel: 2537

Email: gerhards(at)

Research scientists

Dr. Kirsten Schwing

Room: 52-522

Tel: 2516

Email: schwing(at)

Dipl.-Chem. Sebastian Becker

Room: 52-522

Tel: 2516

Email: becker(at)

M.Sc. Pit Boden

Room: 52-520

Tel.: 5132

Email: pitboden(at)

Dipl.-Chem. Patrick Di Martino-Fumo

Room: 52-520

Tel.: 5132

Email: dimartino(at)

M.Sc. Patrick Strebert

Room: 52-502

Tel.: 2538

Email: strebert(at)

M.Sc. Pol Boden

Room: 52-514

Tel.: 5609

Email: polboden(at)

Dipl.-Chem. Dominique Maué

Room: 52-502

Tel: 2480

Email: maue(at)

Dipl.-Chem. Tatjana Wall

Room: 52-520

Tel: 5132

Email: wall(at)

Secretarys's Office of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry

Birgit Harrison-Weber und Sibylle Heieck

Room: 52-531

Tel: 0631-205-2536

Fax: 0631-205-2750

Email: harrison(at)  she(at) 

Master students

B.Sc. Sophie Steiger

Room: 52-514

Tel.: 5609

Email: steiger(at)

Former PhD students

Dr. Dominic Bernhard

Dr. Markus Becherer

Dr. Fabian Dietrich

Dr. Manuel Zimmer

Dr. Anke Stamm

Dr. Yvonne Schmitt

Dr. Martin Weiler

Dr. Andreas Funk

Dr. Philipp M. Bialach

Dr. Kirsten Schwing

Dr. Kristina Bartl

Dr. Holger Fricke

Dr. Andreas Jansen

Dr. Andreas Gerlach

Dr. Claus Unterberg

Dr. Helga Gier

Dr. Stephan Schumm

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