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Welcome to the Department of Chemistry

Chemistry, the scientific discipline dealing with structures, properties, and transformations of matter, is situated between physics and geology on one hand and life sciences on the other. Information gained from chemical discoveries has revolutionized human lifestyles and shaped today's standard of living. Chemical knowledge influences such diverse areas as food processing, clothing manufacture, building construction, safety materials production, healthcare, individual and public transportation, as well as communications. 

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The Faculty of Chemistry at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern encompasses seven fields of research which are: Inorganic Chemistry (AC), Biochemistry (BC), Didactics (FD), Food Chemistry and Toxicology (LC), Organic Chemistry (OC), Physical and Theoretical Chemistry (PTC2) and Technical Chemistry (TC). The department's main objective is to qualify students for demanding positions in research, business, and administration. Chemistry alumni see the department's cooperative working atmosphere as its major strength, praising the non-bureaucratic and straightforward communication between teaching staff and students. 

Study Guide

Our study guide - under revision. The brochure contains valuable information on classes and courses, and describes how to study chemistry at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern, how to enroll in exchange programs and how to start life and activities in Kaiserslautern.