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Open Positions

Undergraduate Students

Undergarduate students who are interested in organic chemistry, method development and the synthesis of biologically active molecules, should contact Georg Manolikakes (mail) or visit our labs (Geb. 54; 452-457). Topics for Bachelor theses, F-Praktika and Master-Theses with the oppurtunity to participate in interdisciplinary projects and the option of publication in peer-reviewed journals are available at any time.

We are currently looking for several students interested in conducting a master thesis in synthetic organic chemistry. A strong background in synthetic chemistry is required.


Graduate Students and Postdocs

We are always looking for highly motivated and qualified coworkers with strong passion for organic synthesis. If you are interested. please contact Georg Manolikakes by Email with all relevant documents (CV, list of publications and research summary). Please arrange to have at least two letters of recommendation.



October: Ichraf started her 5-month PhD-exchange project. Welcome and Good luck!

October: Cedric joined the group for his PhD wih a DAAD scholarship. Welcome and Good luck!

September: Prof. Gomaa's work in our lab has resulted in a first publication in Synth. Commun. Congratulations!

July: Five in one go. Jenny's and Philipp's new domino reaction for the stereoselective synthesis of tetrahydropyrans with five continuous stereogenic centers has been accepted for publication in Angewandte Chemie. Congratulations!

May: Sara's and Philipp's work on the Mn(OAc)3-mediated direct C-H-sulfonylation of enmaides has been published in Org. Biomol. Chem. Congratulations!

May: Sara and Basti joined the group for their PhD theses. Welcome and Good luck!

April: What an honor! During the 5th International Conference on Synthesis and Complexing in Moscow Georg recieved a prestiguous RUDN University Honorary Fisherman Award.

April: Alexandre joined the group for his master thesis. Welcome and Good luck.

March: Alexander's work on the structural elucidation of a PDI-photoredox-catalyst has been published in CrystEngComm. Congratulations to everbody involved.

March: Mohamed started his 2-year PhD exchange project. Welcome and Good luck!

January: Jule and Nai sucessfully defended their PhD theses. Congratulations Dr. Halli and Dr. Liu!


October: Three in One (Pot)! Our latest paper on the diastereoselective One-pot-synthesis of 1,3-diamines with three continuous stereocenters has been published in The Journal of Organic Chemistry. Congratulations to Jule, Philipp and Jenny.

October: Sara started her Master Thesis. Welcome!

September: Our collaboration with Zhejiang Sci-tech University on the visible-light mediated sulfur dioxide fixation resulted in a second publication. Congratulations to Nai-wei, Andre, Zhenkai and Hongjun for their publication in European Journal of Organic Chemistry.

September: Ise sucessfully finished her Master Thesis. Congratulations and all the best for your PhD!

August: Conference season! Georg will present the group's latest reults at the 7th EuCheMS Chemistry Congress in Liverpool and the MCR 2018 in Düsseldorf.

August: Kamil's and Nai-Wei's Minireview on the combination of radicals and sulfur dioxide has been published in the Chemistry - A European Journal special issue 7th EuCheMS Chemistry Congress, Liverpool. Congratulations to this Review Showcase.

August: Prof. Gomaa from Minia University, Egypt is joing our lab for three months. Welcome!

July: Congratulations to Andreas, Omar and Eleni on their latest work using sulfonamides a building blocks in the Petasis reaction, which has been publisehd online in Synthesis.

June: Our most recent work on the visible-light mediated fixation of sulfur dioxide has been accepted for publication in Green Chemistry. Congratulations to Nai-Wei and to Zhengkai Chen and Hongjun Ren, our partners from Zhejiang Sci-tech University.

June: A new cure for cancer? Our joint project with Jessica Roos and Thorsten J. Maier (University-Hospital Frankfurt) on suppresion of tumor-growth by nitro-fatty acids has been published in Biochemical Pharmacology. Congratulaitions to everybody invloved in this truly multi-disciplinary effort.

May: Saad's work on cyctoprotective and antioxidant properties of organic selenides has been published in Bioorganic Chemistry. Congratulations to everybody involved.

May: Shuai sucessfully defended his PhD thesis. Congratulations Dr. Liang!

March: A warm welcome to Ise, who joined the goup for her Master thesis!

January: A productive start into 2018! Two manuscripts accepted for publication in Organic Letters. Congratulations to Nai-Wei, Kamil and Andre for their work on dual Nickel/photoredox catalyzed sulfone synthesis and to Philipp and Julia for their stereoselective one-pot construction of novel fused pyrimidoisoindoles.

January: First Days at TU Kaiserslautern. The Manolikakes group moved to their new home!

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