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Prof. Dr. Antonio Pierik


The Department of Chemistry (building 54) is located at the eastside of the campus of the TU Kaiserslautern, which is clamped between the city of Kaiserslautern (100,000 inhabitants) and the Palatine forest.

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We are just an hour away from Frankfurt airport by car. By train you travel via Mannheim to Kaiserslautern. There is a direct train from and to Paris several times a day, and there are direct trains to Munich and Berlin once a day.


  1. Preparation of yeast media (21.07.2014)
  2. Yeast transformation for plasmids (13.01.2014)
  3. RbCl super competent E. coli cells (28.04.2015)
  4. Yeast chromosomal DNA preparation (20.11.2013)
  5. E. coli transformation (07.01.2014)
  6. 2-Log DNA ladder
  7. Analysis of metals and acid-labile sulfide in proteins (07.01.2014)
  8. Manual Coy glovebox (27.10.2014)
  9. Gelfiltration (16.12.2013)
  10. List of our restriction enzymes (25.05.2015)

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Tetrahedron Letters

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The Plant Journal



Positions for HiWis, Bachelor, Master and Diplom students

Contact Prof. Pierik by email to make an appointment. Our lab features subjects ranging from bioinformatics, classic protein biochemistry, (yeast) genetics, spectroscopy of metalloproteins to organic synthesis of (isotopically labelled) substrates.


Hiring: Two PhD positions available

Students who have demonstrated by their Master or Diplom thesis that they are keen on research should send an application letter and a full curriculum vitae as PDF files by email.


Postdoc positions

At the moment there is no funding for postdoc positions. But excellent PhD students who wish to postdoc in my lab should send an application letter, full curriculum vitae (including publications) as PDF with a detailed description how we could arrange hiring by external funding.

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