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This page provides information on the following topics: administration of examinations, studies in general as well as exchange programs.

Courses of Study

This category (courses of study) provides (in German) important information concerning the different courses of study: bachelor, master in chemistry, food chemistry and education as well as further courses involving chemistry.

Examination Regulations

Links to the Examination Regulations (German) of the different courses of study.

Lectures and Download Materials

Links to the lectures and download materials of the department and the working groups, respectively.


During your years of study you have the opportunity of spending a semester abroad at one of many European universities involved in the ERASMUS exchange program.

Administration of Examinations

The administration of examinations (in German) conducted by the department of chemistry itself only involves students in the diploma degree program in chemistry and students in the food chemistry department.

Bachelor and Master degree courses of study within the department are administered by the main examination office, the "Hochschul-Prüfungsamt".