Kubik Group


The main research fields of the group lie within supramolecular chemistry. Our aim is to contribute to a better understanding of different fundamental principles of molecular recognition. Study objects used in this context are cyclopeptides, cyclic pseudopeptides and gold nanoparticles. Strategies are developed to prepare new synthetic receptors with predictable properties on the basis of these systems. To this end, traditional synthetic organic chemistry but also thermodynamically controlled reactions in the presence of suitable templates play important roles. The properties of the compounds thus prepared are subsequently characterized by using various methods. Spectroscopic and crystallographic techniques are employed for structural invstigations while isothermal titration calorimetry is particularly useful for binding studies.

We are especially interested in molecular recognition in water. In this context, we would like to increase the understanding of how efficient molecular recognition can be achieved with non-covalent interactions in the aqueous environment as well as to develop new receptors on the basis of this knowledge.

Another central research topic of the group comprises the development of scavengers for organophosphates that allow treatment of poisonings with these highly toxic nerve agents.

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