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Willkommen in der Clusterchemie

Das Clusterteam v.l.n.r.: Hinten: S. Kruppa, M. Luczak, D. Imanbaew, M. Klein;
Mitte: P. Armentrout (visiting), J. Meyer, C. Wiehn, A. Steiner, P. Wetzel, B. Harrison-Weber, B. Kwasigroch; Vorne: Y. Mees, M. Lembach, M. Prosenc, M. Schmitt, GNS.
es fehlen: C. Riehn, T. Kolling, S. Thommes, I. Manes, D. Fries, R. Israil.


Wir vergeben ständig Themen für Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten; eine Auswahl ist hier gegeben, unterliegt jedoch laufenden Änderungen. Bei Interesse empfehlen wir daher dringend, einfach bei den Mitarbeitern im Büro vorbei zu kommen.


11.-12.10.2018: 4th International Conference on Bimetallic Complexes

This year's International 3Met.de Conference took place in Karlsruhe. From our group Annika, Björn, Marcel, Mike, and Roumany participated and presented their latest results.

28.06.2018: Preis des Freundeskreises an Johannes Lang

17.-20.06.2018: GPMC Ulm

Annika, Matthias and Gereon participated in the International Bunsen Discussion meeting "Gas Phase Model Systems in Catalysis" in Ulm. They presented their latest results on small molecules adsorption on transition metal clusters and enjoyed an intense and fruitful meeting.

10.-12.05.2018: Bunsentagung

The Physical Chemistry groups from Kaiserslautern attended the 117th General Assembly of the "Deutsche Bunsengesellschaft" for Physical Chemistry in Hannover. From our group Annika, Björn, Mike, and Matthias contributed with posters to this conference and enjoyed the time in Hannover.

01.05.2018: Dr. Sebastian Dillinger leaves our group to start his job at Kömmerling Chemische Fabrik, Pirmasens.

09.03.2018: Steinhofer-Preis

In the frame of this year's graduation ceremony, Matthias Klein was awarded with the Steinhofer Prize 2017 for outstanding academic achievements during his diploma studies. Congratulations!

15.02.2018: Dr. Johannes Lang leaves our group to start his job at the University of Stuttgart.

01.01.2018: Yannick Mees starts his Master thesis.

13.12.2017: Eileen Bischoff successfully defended her Bachelor thesis. Congratulations!

01.11.2017: Dr. Joachim Hewer leaves our group to start his job at the Landesamt für Umwelt- und Arbeitsschutz, Saarbrücken.

26.10.2017: Sebastian Dillinger successfully defended his PhD thesis. Congratulations!

17.10.2017: Christopher Wiehn successfully defended his Bachelor thesis. Congratulations!

Some of the participiants of the 3MET PhD meeting

27.09.2017: 3MET PhD meeting in Heidelberg

Six members of our group (A. Steiner, M. Klein, B. Kwasigroch, S. Dillinger, M. Lembach, and S. Kruppa) attended the 3MET PhD meeting in Heidelberg at the Studio Villa Bosch conference center. They enjoyed a fruitfull meeting and the scenic view over Heidelberg.

24.-29.09.2017: Cluster Meeting

Gereon and Marc hosted this year’s “Cluster Meeting” at Stahleck castle in the upper middle Rhine Valley (Bacharach in Rhineland-Palatinate). The conference was supported by “3MET.de” and provided a full week (24-29 September 2017) of compelling talks and discussions on cluster related topics. Johannes, Joachim and Jonathan joined the cluster group, which summed up to a total of ~80 people and contributed with poster presentations.

08.08.2017: Joachim Hewer successfully defended his PhD thesis. Congratulations!

07.07.2017: Dimitri Imanbaew successfully defended his PhD thesis. Congratulations!

18.05.2017: Johannes Lang successfully defended his PhD thesis. Congratulations!

03.03.2017: Jennifer Mohrbach successfully defended her PhD thesis. Congratulations!